Monday, February 15, 2010

Tough times for Ottawa's homeless 'Blues Lady'

Click the title link for the story. Then come back over here and donate if you can and I will make sure this great lady gets whatever we can scrape up for her.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Been Slackin'...feeling a bit meloncholy this morning...

For some reason I'm missing Lowell George this morning...I'll start with him.

Willin' my theme song when i was a courier in Atlanta :)

Triple Face Boogie

Fat Man in the Bathtub

Live in 1976 in Holland This is great but it just cuts off too soon...

Dixie Chicken

More in Holland--Rock n Roll Doctor

I was going to include The Amazing Rhythm Aces in this post, but now i think I'll save that for later. I hope you all are off to a great start in this new year!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Church...Take Me Home...Wintley Phipps

Amazing Grace History

The Creation

He is Able

No Need to Fear

It is Well with my Soul

Were you There

Monday, July 27, 2009

Been thinking a lot about Stevie Ray lately...

Here's an awesome tribute to his music:

Here's some of my favorites:

Tuff Enuff with The Fabulous Thunderbirds

Willie the Wimp :)

Matchbox Blues with Albert King

Scuttle Buttin' & Say What?

Love Struck Baby


Pride and Joy

Final Guitar Jam

Remembering Stevie Ray

Thanks Jay for giving me a cold shot of the blues tonight :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New/old stuff for ya this morning...

KoKo died and I lost it...sorry. I just had a bunch of other stuff going on and needed to grieve too. It was just like what's the point, ya know? Blues lost a great one...

So anyway I've done all that, gotten moved and a bunch of other stuff so let's move on, shall we. Just thought I'd share random stuff with you this's raining here finally and I always crank up the jukebox when it's the only way I can get through here goes.

Pat Benetar--Outlaw Blues

Bette Midler--Long John Blues be prepared..a bit racy :)

Leon Russell-- Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms :)

Gotta love here's a few more

Wild of my favorite songs the Adam Levine/Aleisha Keyes version makes me cry though...

Here's that version

Adam Levine/Alisha Keyes

well...I started out lite and i just descended into wallowing, didn't I? that's probably about all that will load on this post anyway. I'll try to be more regular with it and get back into the swing of things...Thanks for stopping by :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My hero is coming to my po-dunk town and I can't go...

A good many of you know that I have been looking for housing for almost a year now. Well, I finally found something. It's an awesome house with an awesome landlord. The problem is with our limited funds the move will take all we can manage to scrape up, so, alas, no money for tickets to see KoKo Taylor at Jubilee Jam this year. That's right, I said KoKo Taylor is coming to my town...I Can Not Believe It!

I haven't been to Jubilee Jam in many, many years because...well, if you are over 50 and have ever been to Mississippi in June, you would understand. I just don't do well standing for hours in the sweltering, humid heat. Jubilee Jam is about the only time of year that this po-dunk town gets anyone with any kind of credibility to come. Maybe I can volunteer...hey, it's an idea :)Anyway I'll leave you with a link to her Amazon page where you can hear samplings and/or buy albums and mp3's.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

B.B. King/Live At Montreux 1993/Blu-ray & DVD

Eagle Rock Entertainment is releasing a DVD of B.B. King’s performance at the Montreux Festival in 1993. It will be in stores on June 2nd!

Perhaps the greatest living bluesman, B.B. King was but a mere 68 when he appeared at Montreux in 1993 to wow the faithful. And he didn’t disappoint. Both DVD and Blu-ray contain his classic 16-song set. The Blu-ray has an exclusive three-song bonus (“Why I Sing The Blues,” “When Love Comes To Town,” and “Guess Who”) from his Montreux appearance 13 years later in 2006 at the age of 81.

Go here for a preview

Review to follow as soon as I get a copy :)