Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My hero is coming to my po-dunk town and I can't go...

A good many of you know that I have been looking for housing for almost a year now. Well, I finally found something. It's an awesome house with an awesome landlord. The problem is with our limited funds the move will take all we can manage to scrape up, so, alas, no money for tickets to see KoKo Taylor at Jubilee Jam this year. That's right, I said KoKo Taylor is coming to my town...I Can Not Believe It!

I haven't been to Jubilee Jam in many, many years because...well, if you are over 50 and have ever been to Mississippi in June, you would understand. I just don't do well standing for hours in the sweltering, humid heat. Jubilee Jam is about the only time of year that this po-dunk town gets anyone with any kind of credibility to come. Maybe I can volunteer...hey, it's an idea :)Anyway I'll leave you with a link to her Amazon page where you can hear samplings and/or buy albums and mp3's.