Monday, July 27, 2009

Been thinking a lot about Stevie Ray lately...

Here's an awesome tribute to his music:

Here's some of my favorites:

Tuff Enuff with The Fabulous Thunderbirds

Willie the Wimp :)

Matchbox Blues with Albert King

Scuttle Buttin' & Say What?

Love Struck Baby


Pride and Joy

Final Guitar Jam

Remembering Stevie Ray

Thanks Jay for giving me a cold shot of the blues tonight :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New/old stuff for ya this morning...

KoKo died and I lost it...sorry. I just had a bunch of other stuff going on and needed to grieve too. It was just like what's the point, ya know? Blues lost a great one...

So anyway I've done all that, gotten moved and a bunch of other stuff so let's move on, shall we. Just thought I'd share random stuff with you this's raining here finally and I always crank up the jukebox when it's the only way I can get through here goes.

Pat Benetar--Outlaw Blues

Bette Midler--Long John Blues be prepared..a bit racy :)

Leon Russell-- Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms :)

Gotta love here's a few more

Wild of my favorite songs the Adam Levine/Aleisha Keyes version makes me cry though...

Here's that version

Adam Levine/Alisha Keyes

well...I started out lite and i just descended into wallowing, didn't I? that's probably about all that will load on this post anyway. I'll try to be more regular with it and get back into the swing of things...Thanks for stopping by :)