Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Narcissistic Indulgence

On Friday, August 22, 2008 I took and passed my licensure exam. I am now almost (I don't actually have the license in my hand yet) officially a social worker. :) I could give you a rundown of what all it took to get me to this point...but I think my having this site says it best. So if you will please allow me some self-indulgent celebration :)

Elton John--I'm Still Standing

Whitesnake--Here I Go Again--Unplugged

Jackson Browne--Doctor My Eyes

Jackie Wilson--Higher and Higher

Percy Sledge--Cover Me

Howlin' Wolfe--Built for Comfort

Howlin' Wolfe--Three Hundred Pounds of Joy

Norah Jones--Home of the Blues

Norah Jones--Drown In My Own Tears

Ike & Tina--Proud Mary :) We can all sing the Ike and the Tina parts to this song, right? or at least we like to think we can :)

The Beatles at Apple Records--For You Blue

LOL! Sorry but I just have to throw this one in here!

Kool and the Gang--Celebration and Get Down On It

ok, that's enough, helluva party though :)


Eileen said...

Congratulations on getting your BSW and thanks for stopping by my site. I think it is wonderful that you are going into Social Work. I love it and have never regretted it. Did you do your internship for a BSW.

I have no problem with people not having experience in the field, what bugs me is people who don't study and get the degree, but still say they are a social worker. So just because you, "don't have your chops in yet," does not mean you are not a Social Worker. It is a great degree and congratulations again. If you ever have any questions, please let me know. Good luck! Child Protection can be rough, but you learn a lot. There is a great book written my a former CP worker, but I can't think of the name now. When I do, I'll let you know. I have mostly done school social work and also worked at an agency doing therapy (individual, group, alcohol abuse, sex offenders, sexual abuse, marital). I found I am happier in the schools, with the kids.

Good luck.

prin said...

thanks, eileen! i did my internship with the adolescent offender program with a human resource agency in my town. it was great in a lot of ways but left me lagging in a lot of ways too. Thanks for stopping by. have you checked out my resource blog for social workers students? you can find it here:

Fitzgerald said...

Congratulations and thanks for posting all the cool music. I was dancing in celebration with you. :)

prin said...

Thanks, Fitz!

A.O.O.F.C said...

Congrats prin/c on exam!

Kei said...

Congratulations! I wish you the very best of luck! We need more dedicated social workers in this country, and I feel you will be one of them. Keep reaching for the stars!

prin said...

Thanks!!! Still waiting on the friggin license to get here...maybe it will come today :)