Friday, January 23, 2009

Bettye LaVette

Well, crap. Since HBO is being so stingy with the Betty LaVette/Jon Bon Jovi video from the Inaugural celebration, I wanted you all to know that The Kennedy Center is not being so stingy and are allowing enabling of her performance there honoring The Who and singing Love Reign O'r Me. It highlights Betty's voice and emotion extremely well. Have a listen. But hey, guess what? You can find the video on Bettye's homepage here. For her biography go here. Cool, huh?


You can find her interview on NPR here What a history lesson! It's 20 minutes long and pricelessly worth every minute! Thanks Fitz!

Take Me as I Am--I love this one :)

He Made a Woman Out of Me


Let Me Down Easy


Fitzgerald said...

Did you catch this on NPR's Fresh Air -

It is an interview with Bettye LaVette

prin said...

Thank you so much for this! I don't think the interviewer was quite ready for her frankness, do you? It was a hoot! You could tell she was taken aback many times.

As far as Bettye's story, you could see all that written all over her face. I have a deep respect for this woman and I hope she starts killing sales records everywhere and that she gets her revenge :)