Friday, June 20, 2008

Repost 9/08/07: Housecleaning Music YYYIIIPPPEEE!!!

Today I changed the music player. Finetune seems to be a better tuner than Lastfm. It looks much better, is much easier to work with and has a shorter code to embed, which I like. :) This player has a playlist of over 250 songs, so if you don't like a particular song click on the righthand side of the player and it will take you to the next song. As always it has an off button. Click the green button in the bottom left corner. Before you turn it off though, try it, it just might make you get up and clean your house too! Oh, and for all the younger students that might come here for the social work links that are It's just an old southern woman's indulgence, click the link you need and it will take you to your page of choice. The tuner does not travel from page to page. You can continue on to work in peace :) If by some chance you like the music and want to continue listening while you work then just add a tab and type in prinslinks and go to your page from there, leaving the original page playing. Have a great day!

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