Friday, June 20, 2008

Repost 3/31/08: It's about time for another "blues artist" post

I get a great many visitors from CrossroadsClub27, mostly from European countries looking for blues or at the very least expecting to find a similar site to CR27. No, I have to tell them that site is one of a kind. I do pick a blues artist from time to time and review their history and music. I do have much blues related content to the left in the finetune player if you would like to have a listen.
Today I am trying to decide who to review. I love Howlin' Wolf almost as much as I love KoKo Taylor. Then, I love B B King too, especially with Bobby "Blue" Bland or with other friends. There are so many I love I am having a difficult time deciding. This is why when you come to visit you probably think WTF because I haven't mentioned the blues in awhile. Sorry, I've been on the political soapbox as of late. :) I think later on in the week it will be Howlin' Wolf. I promise to be more regular with it in the future, k? Oh, and thanks to Ark over at CrossroadsClub27 for all the traffic...'preciate it :)

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