Friday, June 20, 2008

Repost 6/19/08: Time for Some More Blues

Y'all should know by know that I can't go very long without a blues day :)

I can not believe this but I just discovered Norma Jean Bruso! Found her over at Cahl's Juke Joint: A rock, blues and jazz blog. "To say that Bruso has a big voice is an understatement. In the album's liner notes, Koko Taylor says Bruso sounds just like she did when Taylor was young. That's not far off."

Here you go:

Can't Shake These Blues

Then imagine my delight when I found this very endearing video about Pinetop Perkins!

Pintop Perkins at Glen Echo Down in Mississippi much as this goes against my grain in oh so many ways there was a time in my life when it came in very handy. Think upstairs neighbors, constant bitching, fighting, even during sex, which was very loud. Oh and their bedroom was right above ours. We used to get up at 5am to get ready to go to work, bleary-eyed because they kept us up all night and crank this up as loud as it would go. I don't think they ever got the message but it made us feel better :)

George Thorogood--You Talk Too Much

Then my all time favorite George Thorogood song...second husband's band used to sing it just for me every night at least two fit...I had so much fun with that one, got married on matching harleys in handpainted harley bad he turned out to be stone-psychotic-crazy :)

Bad to the Bone

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